The fastest way to automate complex business processes

Workflow86 helps teams to streamline and automate their internal business processes. Simply describe a business process or requirements, and our AI workflow builder handles the entire design, build and configuration of a fully configured automated workflow.

Your AI business process and operations co-pilot

Workflow86 AI combines the analytical skills of a business analyst to identify problems and develop requirements, with the technical skills of a systems engineer to design, build and implement actual solutions. Workflow86 AI works as your expert co-pilot, consulting and asking the right questions, developing a proposal for actions, and then implementing them in seconds once it has been confirmed by you.

Brainstorm, discover and document processes before you automate

Help me design a customer onboarding workflow with KYC steps

Workflow86 AI can help you brainstorm, discover and document business processes to get started. Workflow86 AI brainstorm ideas for process automation, consume unstructured data to identify processes, and visually maps processes using the built-in notes documentation feature.

AI notes and process discovery
AI workflow builder

AI builds fully-configured automated business processes

Build me a workflow to manage IT service requests. It should have a system to triage based on urgency.

Workflow86 AI converts a description, idea, requirement, or any other natural language input into a configured and ready to run business process. It handles the selection of components, architecture of component interactions, creation of databases and individual configuration of each individual component to produce a fully functional solution in just minutes.

Continue to edit, iterate and improve your processes with AI

Add another technical task to the QA Engineer recruitment workflow which is sent if the candidate has experience with Selenium

Once a process has been built, Workflow86 AI can continue to edit or update any process based on your instructions or requirements. Workflow86 AI synchronizes with an existing process to design and implement any required changes with full context of how that process has been built and works.

AI workflow editor

Turn fragmented, manual business workflows into automated processes

From onboarding to intake, standard operating procedures and reviews – discover some of the most common use cases for Workflow86



Build step-by-step onboarding workflows for new users, customers, employees, vendors and merchants.


Reviews and approvals

Streamline and automate review and approval workflows, automatically assigning it to the right person, at the right time.


Service requests

Submit and track service requests, with automation to save time, reduce errors, and improve the experience for requesters and service providers.


Intake forms and surveys

Create a single point of entry for data collection, logging, reporting, intake and surveys.


Documentation and playbooks

Document and visually map your internal workflows, playbooks and standard operating procedures.


Document and file automation

Automate the creation, editing, and distribution of files and documents, such as contracts, proposals, reports, and more.

All-in-one: workflows, forms, tasks, tables and more

Workflow86 comes pre-packaged with all of the core building blocks for a business process. Rapidly design, build and deploy fully-functional workflows without having to juggle between multiple applications, and still integrate when needed with API connectors. 


Automate and manage your complex business operations with ease

Workflow86’s built-in orchestration engine allows users to build complex, multi-stage workflows using an inutitve visual canvas. Actions and tasks within a workflow can run in parallel, merge back together, split into multiple threads and seamlessly coordinate between internal and external users.


Powerful built-in form builder for data collection and intake

A built-in form builder allows users to easily create forms for data collection and intake that can trigger workflows when submitted. It comes ready to use with powerful features like conditional logic to control visibility, pre-fill values, redirection to additional forms and more. 


Built-in task management to keep humans in the loop

Many business processes require a mixture of automation and human-in-the-loop steps. Workflow86 comes a built-in task manager which pauses a workflow until a task is completed, such as a review and approval or follow-on form is submitted.


Replace your spreadsheets, unify your data with built-in tables

Replace your spreadsheets with our built-in tables. Designed to work effortlessly with our workflows, you can create records, update records and query records as part of a workflow, or edit tables manually as well.

API connectors

API connectors to integrate with your existing tools

With a combination of pre-built integrations, as well as flexible API connectors, you can integrate Workflow86 with other apps at any point inside your workflow. Trigger a workflow from a webhook, make API requests as part of a workflow and more. 


Run code when needed for full flexibility and coverage of edge cases

No-code is awesome for empowering business users to rapidly implement the processes they know best. But when it comes time to handle more complex steps or requirements where pre-built components do not yet exist, Workflow86 allows you to easily deploy and run custom code as part of your workflows to provide full coverage of any edge cases.

Pages (coming soon)

Store internal knowledge, create interfaces for your operations

Pages allow teams to store their internal knowledge, standard operating procedures and other documentation. Seamless interaction with forms, tasks, and tables also means you can create interactive documents and interfaces that can view and trigger actions and workflows. 

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