Our new Typeform integration


Elegant online forms meets elegant workflow automation. Our Typeform integration allows users to turn their Typeform forms into powerful end-to-end automated workflows and processes.

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💪 A true power couple

Every month, over 50 million people fill out and make a submission on Typeform. As users of Typeform ourselves, we understand why it’s so popular – it’s elegant, its simple to use and it delights both builders and end users alike. So it just made sense that Typeform would be amongst our first integration components offered in the Workflow86 platform.

Typeform + Workflow86 means you can supercharge everything that happens after you hit the submit button – generate documents, create manual approval steps, send tracked follow-up forms, process and transform data, and more. From simple workflows, to crazy end-to-end multi-departmental workflows with dozens of tasks running at the same time, Workflow86 gives you near unlimited flexibility to supercharge your Typeform forms into powerful end-to-end workflows and apps.

🤓 How does it work?

It only takes a few minutes to connect Typeform with Workflow86. Simply drag and drop the Typeform Submission component.

Click into it and log in to your Typeform account. Select the form you want to use, and then send a sample submission so we can set up all the data placeholders.

And that’s it! You are new set to use the data that will be received from Typeform every time a submission is made.

🤔 What can I do with Typeform + Workflow86?

With the unmatched flexibility offered by Workflow86, you can pretty much build any workflow you want from very simple workflows with a few steps to really complex workflows with dozens of steps, mixing syncrhonous and asynchronous tasks and more. Here are a few working examples to spark some inspiration – click on the links below to go to a Typeform form, submit the form and see what you get in return.

Send confirmation emails and follow-up forms and tasks when someone submits your sign-up form in Typeform.

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Generate multiple custom documents such as marketing material and proposals based on a Typeform submission.

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Turn a feedback or survey form in Typeform into an end-to-end feedback management system

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