🔀 Airtable integration

We’ve just released our built-in integration with Airtable, allowing users to create and update Airtable records as part of their workflows. Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid, allowing users to access the powerful functionality of a database via the easy to use and familiar interface of a spreadsheet.

📂 Create an Airtable record

Users can now create records in an Airtable base within a workflow and use placeholders to dynamically set the values of this new record based on the actions and tasks within the workflow. 

*API Key and any other details displayed above are for demonstration only and are not functional. Always keep your Airtable API key secure and do not share it with others.

Example: Create a new record in Airtable for incoming proposals

A user has a workflow that automatically generates proposal documents based on an form which someone has filled out on their website. In addition to generating the document, the user also wants to store all of the proposal details in Airtable. Using the Airtable component, the user can now create a new record in Airtable every time a proposal is generated.

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