AI-powered workflow automation like you have never seen before…

Natural language to fully configured, ready to run workflows and business processes. Delivered in minutes. Zero learning curve. 

Ready to run in minutes (not days or weeks)

Get a custom, fully-configured workflow from start to finish in just a few minutes. Just describe what you need in natural language, and the AI handles everything from designing the workflow, to setting connections, naming and setting variables, designing databases and more. 

A built-in AI Business Analyst to assess and identify your requirements

The AI works with you to assess, identify and accurate scope requirements and then plan solutions to meet your needs. It can return questions when it needs more information, and provide proposals and diagrams for you to review and confirm before begins building. 

Zero learning curve with your own AI Systems Engineer

If you can describe it, the AI can built it for you. The AI has been trained to have an expert understanding of all components and aspects of the platform. It can handle the most complex of requests, including configuring custom APIs and code components. It’s like having your own built-in Systems Engineer ready to build whatever you need.