Document and write playbooks for
sales prospecting incident response procurement marketing

Document and visually map your internal workflows, playbooks and standard operating procedures. Insert notes, connect them together, and share your playbooks with your team or externally.

📝 Combine workflow automation with documentation on the same visual canvas

Use our drag and drop notes to map workflows before you build them, document as you build, leave notes for other team members and instructions for running the workflow. Everything is in one place and where it is most useful.

🎨 Create standalone docs, playbooks, charts and whiteboards to share

Notes work great with workflows, but can also be used alone to visually map and document your processes in a way that better captures relationships between different steps. Get creative: write playbooks, create org charts, storyboards and more on a canvas that you can then share with a link.

📍 Embed your workflow maps, documentation and SOPs anywhere

Directly embed your workflow maps to seamlessly showcase your ideas, processes, or whiteboards to a broader audience. Streamline content sharing and collaboration and enhance user engagement with your workflows and SOPs by providing an interactive, visually appealing experience directly within any webpage.

Supercharge your business workflows

in under 5 minutes