🌇 We’re phasing out free plans and migrating to free trials

Over the past several months, we’ve taken time to analyze how users sign up, onboard, and activate with Workflow86, as well as the types of use cases where Workflow86 is being used. Based on this analysis and conversations with our early customers, we have decided to phase out the free plan and migrate to a free trial model.

I am on the free plan, how does this affect me?

If you are currently on the free plan, you will be migrated to a free trial plan on the next Wednesday, 5 October 2022 (6PM PST). The starting date for the free trial period will be 28 days from this date.

If you wish to delay the migration date for your account, reply to this email and we’ll be happy to discuss further.

How does the free trial differ from the free plan?

The free trial works like the free plan in that it provides instant access to Workflow86 without the need to enter in any payment or credit card details.

The free trial will come with 300 actions compared to the 100 available in the free plan, as well as access to several features that were previously only available on the paid plan.

Again, the most important difference is that the free trial has a time limit of 14 days, extended by another 14 days once you have successfully run your first workflow session (for a total of 28 days).

What happens after the trial ends?

Before your free trial ends, you choose can upgrade to one of our paid plans to continue full and uninterrupted use of Workflow86.

If your trial ends and you decide not to upgrade to a paid plan, you will still be able to access your workflows any data or files generated. You will also still be able to create new workflows and configure existing workflows, edit notes, access your session logs and so on.

However, you will not be able to run any workflows as all usage limits such as actions, file storage and data records will be set to 0 and will not renew.

Can I extend or reactivate a free trial after it has ended?

You can extend your free trial period from the initial 14 days to 28 days by completing certain achievements including running your first workflow session. If you have already run a workflow session, then this extension will get automatically applied.

If your trial period has ended, you can contact us for a reactivation via the built in chat. We will also roll out additional ways in which you can reactivate your free trial period in an automated and self-serve manner in the coming weeks.

I am on a paid plan, how does this affect me?

If you are currently on a paid plan, there will be no impact on your account. The only difference will be in the case where you decide to downgrade or cancel your paid plain.

What happens when I want to downgrade from a paid plan?

Previously users on a paid plan could downgrade to the free plan. Users on a paid plan will now downgrade back to a free trial. The free trial period will start at the end of their paid plan.

How much time do I have left in my trial?

You can see the remaining time you have left in your trial via your home page.

Will free plans be reintroduced in the future?

A free plan may be reintroduced in the future.

I need help with this migration

If you have any additional questions or require additional help in relation to this migration, you can contact us at hello@ or via the chat on the bottom right. We’ll be ready to help.

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