🧰 Everything you need to build your workflow

Workflow86 comes with an extensive suite of built-in apps covering all the core tasks and operations you need to automate a business process. This means you can build, manage and run more of your workflow in one place. Click on a feature below to learn more.

Online forms and human-in-the-loop steps

Form Builder

A full-featured responsive online form builder to create forms, assessments, inspections and surveys to collect data for analysis.

Assign Task

Create and assign human-in-the-loop tasks (approvals, checklists, reviews) with dynamic forms

Generate content, documents, emails

Document Editor

A full-featured rich text editor to dynamically generate documents and reports.

Content Library

Store and dynamically access your knowledge assets such as recommendations and conclusions.


Design and dynamically send emails with a full-featured email builder.

Create, retreive, update and delete data

Create Database Record

Create records in the built-in database at any point in a workflow

Query Database

Create dynamic queries to find and extract data from the built-in database

Update Database Record

Update records in any built-in database during a workflow

Upload Spreadsheet

Run workflow sessions in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet of data

Query Spreadsheet

Upload a spreadsheet and then create dynamic queries to find and extract data you can use in a workflow

Query Workflow Data

Create dynamic queries to find and extract data from any other workflow

APIs and connecting to other apps

API Request and Response

Send API requests and parse the data from the response to use in a workflow

API Export

Send and export data to anything via API (POST request)

Webhook Import

Seamlessly import data for analysis or transformation via webhooks.

Airtable Integration

Create records, update records and more

Trigger from Zapier

Run a workflow and pull data from a Typeform submission

Send Slack message

Send Slack messages with dynamic content at any point in a workflow

Trigger a Zap

Trigger 3000+ apps from inside of Workflow86

Trigger from Zapier

Trigger a workflow and send data from over 3000+ apps in Zapier

Manipulate data, perform logic and calculations

List Transform

Transform list data/arrays including rearranging, extracting objects, sorting, filtering and more

Conditional Logic

Create conditional logic, rules and decision trees to handle and transform data.


Handle everything from basic calculations to more complex functions such as statistical analysis

Branch, merge and control how your workflow runs

Conditional Workflow

Control whether certain workflow paths are executed or not using a conditional statement

Merge Workflow

Merge multiple workflow paths back together and run the next step

Trigger and delay tasks based on time

Schedule Start

Schedule a workflow to start at a certain date and time

Time Delay

Delay the execution of any part of a workflow based on a date or time condition

More features constantly being released

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