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Build, automate and manage your Finance and Accounting processes and operations

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Get started right now with our range of ready-to-use Finance and Accounting processes and workflows. From capital expenditure approval workflows to expense reimbursement processes and more – just click to clone the whole workflow to use it straight away or customize to your needs.

Manage and track expense reimbursements

A process for employees to claim and reimburse their expenses. The workflow begins with an initial ‘Expense Claim’ form which gets completed by the employee. Then, these expense details are sent to the manager who decides whether to approve or reject the claim.

Approve capital expenditure requests

Efficiently manage the approval process for capital expenditures. Trigger by submitting a capital expenditure form, and then all approval stages are orchestrated from CFO to CEO.

🚀 Scale your Finance and Accounting Operations and Processes

Automate the processes your finance and accounting teams need to keep your business running smoothly and transparently with Workflow86. From tracking expenditure requests to payroll operations and more.

✅ Keep your Finance and Accounting teams in the loop

Many business processes overlap or require input or approval from Finance and Accounting teams. Integrate your Finance and Accounting teams with other teams by seamlessly looping them into in any workflow with our built-in task management features.

👍 The simplest way to automate and scale your Software Engineering processes

Step 1

Build your Finance and Accounting processes using drag and drop modules, no coding required

Step 2

Publish and set your process to run when an event occurs (e.g. new expense claim) or start it manually

Step 3

Manage and track your process from start to finish

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