All-In-One Operations Automation Platform

Document, automate and manage your operations playbooks and business processes without code

πŸ‘ The simplest way to streamline your business operations

Step 1

Build your process using drag and drop modules, no coding required

Step 2

Publish and set your process to run when an event occurs or start it manually

Step 3

Manage and track your process from start to finish

🧰 Automate and manage your business processes

Workflow86 is an all-in-one no-code workflow automation platform allowing you to automate and orchestrate your business operations and processes end-to-end in one place. With an extensive range of powerful built-in features, you can automate your workflows with fewer SaaS subscriptions to juggle and glue together.

πŸ”€ Built to handle the most complex processes

Workflow86 was designed to tackle the most complex processes, with features that allow you to handle sophisticated business logic and steps.

Plus, running complex workflows on Workflow is more affordable because we don’t charge per action or stepΒ 

βœ… Manage your tasks, get work done

Many business processes require a mixture of automation and tasks that require manual or human input. Workflow86 comes with built-in task management features so you can perfectly sync automated operations with human input. Create custom interfaces for tasks such as data entry, approval, reviews and more. Track and manage these tasks from start to finish.

πŸ™Œ Replace your spreadsheets, unify your data

Replace your spreadsheets with our built-in no-code databases. Designed to work effortlessly with our workflows, you can create records, update records and query records as part of a workflow, or edit the database manually as well.

πŸ”Œ Connect with your favorite tools

With a combination of pre-built integrations, as well as super flexible API connectors, you can integrate with other apps at any point inside your workflow.

πŸ”¨ Build entirely without code

Simply drag, drop, and connect on a fully visual interface to create powerful custom business tools. It’s intuitive and easy to use that anyone can pick it up and start building instantly.

🎁 Share like a Dropbox link

Workflow86 allows you to easily package up the workflows and playbooks you build into templates that you can share as easily as a Notion document or a Google drive link.

πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ Superpowers for…

Business Operations Finance COVID-19 Sales and Marketing Safety and Risk Customer Support Human Resources

Workflow86 gives internal teams the superpowers they need to massively automate and scale their workflows and processes. From Cybersecurity to Human Resources, Legal to Finance, Health and Safety to Customer Support, check out some of the use cases and downloadable templates for Workflow86 below: