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Build, automate and manage your Human Resources and People Ops processes and procedures

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Get started right now with our range of pre-built, ready-to-use HR and People Ops templates. From reference checks to end-to-end recruitment, performance reviews and more – just click to clone the whole workflow to use straight away or customize to your needs.

Conduct Reference Checks

Automate and orchestrate employee reference checks with this easy to use self-serve workflow. Assign tasks to external users to fill out a simple reference check form and get notified when it is completed.

Submit and approve timesheets

A self-service portal for employees to submit their timesheets, and an approval step sent to managers to approve the submitted timesheet. Includes an integrated database to record all timesheet data.

(Coming soon) Nominate employees for recognition and bonuses

Create a portal for team members to recommend other team members for recognition or performance bonuses.

Track Performance Action Plans

Coordinate a program of performance feedback and reporting across 3 weeks. With structured weekly reporting tasks and manager reviews to help your team keep on track with improving performance.

Orchestrate Job applications and hiring

Automate and orchestrate the process for hiring a new role. From the initial application form to reviewing the application and CV, interview and even collecting employee details for drafting the employment contract.

Run Whole-of-business performance review

Initiate a performance review process for hundreds of employees at once and then structure and track the process from self-review to manager review, feedback and performance action plans.

Perform New Employee On-boarding

Send out an interactive onboarding checking to new employees. Trigger this workflow in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet of all new employees.

🚀 Scale your HR and People ops as your team grows

Use Workflow86 to document, automate and orchestrate your Human Resources and People Ops processes. From recruiting to employee on-boarding and performance management, scale and manage your most important HR processes as your team grows.

📃 Auto-generate custom HR documents

Losing track of all the agreements and other HR documents you need to generate and have employees sign? Workflow86 allows you to generate documents at scale, from employment agreements to Non-Disclosure and Employment Letters. 

👍 The simplest way to automate and scale your HR operations

Step 1

Build your HR process using drag and drop modules, no coding required

Step 2

Publish and set your process to run when an event occurs (e.g. new employee) or start it manually

Step 3

Manage and track your process from start to finish

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