Our new 😲 WOW (Workflow Of the Week) series

As more users join our early access, we are starting to see some really cool workflows and tools being built. At the same time, more people interested in Workflow86 want to have an idea of what they could build. So we are starting a new series called Workflow Of the Week (or 😲 WOW for short).

Every week we will be featuring a workflow built in Workflow86, as well as sharing the template for that workflow so users can run or customize it themselves.Β From cybersecurity to business administration, legal to risk and compliance, HR to personal development, we will be featuring a range of automated workflows and operations tools all built using Workflow86.

Stay tuned for our first WOW, where we will be looking at a ⌚ mood tracking app designed to help individuals (and teams) build their emotional intelligence and hone their self-awareness skills.

Here’s a sneak peek of that app πŸ‘‡

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To download the templates featured in WOW, be sure to sign up for early access at workflow86.com/signup

We are releasing invitations to early access users in batches over the coming weeks, so sign up now to get your spot.