👩‍⚖️ Automate your Legal Ops and Contracts

Build, automate and manage your Legal Operations, Legal Agreements and Contracting processes

🔥 In-house Legal Teams and Lawyers use Workflow86 to…

Get started right now with our range of ready-to-use Legal Ops and contracting templates. From multi-party contract approval processes to generating bespoke legal documents and more – just click to clone the whole workflow to use straight away or customize to your needs.

Generate Non-Disclosure Agreements

Create a process allowing teams to generate compliant Non-Disclosure Agreements compliant to your business requirements and rules. Add in an approval step to keep your legal team in the loop before sending agreements out for signature.

(Coming soon) Generate and send Letters of Employment

Generate dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Letters of Employment that are fully compliant and perfect to the letter. Just upload a spreadsheet and click run, and eliminate hours of manual copying and pasting.

Orchestrate Contract Approvals

Allow other business units to upload contracts and agreements for review and approval by legal. With built in triage logic to determine whether contracts can be auto-approved or require manual review and approval from the legal team.

(Coming soon) Generate Employment Agreements

Automatically draft employment agreements with calculation steps to calculate salary and other benefits, and logic to insert or remove certain clauses. Assign to internal teams for review and approval, and then to external parties to sign and upload.

 🔥 Scale your Legal Operations and Processes

As your business grows, the complexity of your legal operations, legal agreements and contracting processes also needs to scale. Use Workflow86 to document, automate and orchestrate your Legal Operations, Legal Agreements and Contracting Processes. From coordinating legal input into other business functions, to contract review, contract approval, contract generation and more.

📜 Automatically generate contracts and legal documents

Built-in document editor and generator means you can automatically generate contracts and other legal documents as part of any process. Create documents using the built-in word editor or merge in data to a Word template and then export as a doc or PDF file.

🤝 Keep your legal team in the loop for any business process

Keep your legal team in the loop for any business processes. From reviewing Sales Agreements from Sales, to drafting and approving Employment Contracts from HR, Workflow86 allows you to seamlessly assign approval and manual review steps to your legal team.

👍 The simplest way to automate and scale your legal and contracting operations

Step 1

Build your legal and contracting processes using drag and drop modules, no coding required

Step 2

Publish and set your process to run when an event occurs (e.g. request for new agreement or contract) or start it manually

Step 3

Manage and track your process from start to finish

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