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Register users for early access

A process that allows users to sign up for early access to your product. Includes a manual approval step that requires you to review and approve each sign up. This can be removed and the process entirely automated as well.

Send and collect product market fit feedback

Send a product-market fit survey to all of your users, with each user sent a unique survey link and a lightweight CRM to record their answers. Can be further extended to send automated emails to users to respond with a particular answer e.g. send follow up email to dissatisfied users.

Manage inbound investor interest

Create a self-serve portal where interested investors can sign up for updates, automatically schedule a meeting with you, and mange their details in a lightweight and simple CRM.

(Coming soon) Register and approve affiliates

Allow individuals to sign up for your affiliate program, evaluate their suitability and then formally register them as affiliates. An all-in-one process that can be further extended to generate contracts and agreements as well.

Generate Non-Disclosure Agreements

Create a process allowing teams to generate compliant Non-Disclosure Agreements compliant to your business requirements and rules. Add in an approval step to keep your legal team in the loop before sending agreements out for signature.

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Startups are always resource constrained, so automating your manual processes can be a game changer. Build custom processes ranging from early access sign ups to user surveys and managing inbound investor interest. All in one place, with just one platform (so you save on SaaS costs).

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