Why is this form not loading?

If you reading this, you have come across a “This form cannot be loaded” screen. Here are the likely reasons why you could not load or access the form.

🚩 You do not have access to this form

Most users see this screen because they do not have access to the form.

If you are the Admin/Editor of this form, check that the access controls have been properly set. Learn more about workflow access controls 👉 here

If you have multiple Workflow86 accounts, check that you logged into the correct Workflow86 account.

If you are an End User, request access from the owner of the form.

🚩 Form session already submitted

You are trying to access a form session that has already been submitted and the author has turned off the ability to edit or view the form session once it has been submitted.

Learn more about the settings which control what you can do after a submission 👉 here

🚩 The form has been unpublished

The workflow containing the form you are trying to load has been unpublished, meaning that the form has also been taken offline. The owner of the workflow will need to re-publish it for the form to work again.

🚩 The form was misconfigured

The form you are trying to access could be misconfigured. If you think this is the case, drop us a message via our in-platform chat and we’ll be happy to help.

If you think the form should be loading, contact us at support@ with the form ID.