⌛ Time-based components and features

We’ve just released several new components and features that allow users to implement time-based functionality into their workflows. Users can now schedule workflows to start at a certain time, delay parts of a workflow using time conditions, and send reminder emails if tasks have not been completed by a certain time. With these new features, we are opening up Workflow86 to a whole range of new use cases and applications from running weekly reporting cycles to sending monthly notifications and updates, and more.

🏁 Schedule when to start a workflow

The Schedule Start component allows users to set a time for when to start and run a workflow. The Schedule Start component is great for implementing workflows that can coordinate regular reporting, notifications and updates.

You can schedule a workflow to start using the following time conditions:

  • Set a workflow to run at a certain time and date e.g. at 9AM on 21 December 2021.
  • Set a workflow to run at a certain time and day of the week e.g. 5PM every Friday.
  • Set a workflow to run after a certain time interval e.g. every 24 hours starting from 9AM, 21 December 2021.

Example: Coordinating weekly reporting from multiple managers

A user has a workflow to help them coordinate weekly reports to be completed by managers across multiple departments. They have set up a workflow where every Wednesday at 10AM, each manager gets sent a report form to complete (built inside the sequential form component). Once all managers have completed their report forms, all the data is merged into one master document using the document editor component, and then emailed to all other managers.

⏰ Send reminder emails for uncompleted tasks

The Sequential Form component can now also send reminder emails when form sessions have not been submitted after a certain time has elapsed. The sequential form is often used as an approval step or to insert a “human-in-the-loop” stage into an automated workflow, so the reminder email is handy to ensure that these tasks are not missed by whoever they are assigned to.

Example: Sending reminders to complete final merge checklists

We have a pull request workflow that a developer completes when making a pull request into production. Once they have submitted the initial form, there is a final checklist for them to complete when the pull request has been actually merged into production. Sometimes we forget to complete this final checklist, so we can now send a reminder email if that checklist has not been submitted 24 hours.

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