UI/UX Designer

(Sydney, Australia)


Please note that this role is only open to candidates living or working in Australia. 

About Us

We are a technology startup building automation and analytical tools primarily in the public safety and security (as in physical and national security) space.

At the heart of what we are building is Vardogyir – an analytics automation platform which allows our users to automate collecting data, analysing it, writing findings into reports and distributing those reports. We also have two more specialised and niche technologies: Ahvva, which brings big data analytics and machine learning to vehicle threat and vector analysis; and Tera, a terrorism risk assessment tool using real-time and historical data to measure exposure and vulnerability to terrorism. We have our own office in Redfern, about a 2 minute walk from Redfern station and 5 minutes from Central station.

About the Role

We are seeking a part-time UI/UX Designer to help us create, design and build beautiful interfaces and delightful experiences on our Vardogyir platform, as well as our Ahvva and Tera technologies.

You will be thrown in the deep end, making important decisions and playing a leading role in the look, feel and overall user experience of our technology and the direction of our company. This is a unique opportunity to join an exciting start-up with growing traction among large global companies.

We are offering a competitive salary + flexible working arrangements.

What we are looking for

We hire based on demonstrated skills and attitude, so actual evidence of your skills matters to us a lot more than your resume or CV. So, we’d really like to see your github repository, websites, apps or anything else you’ve worked on (if possible).

We’d like to see solid evidence of:

  • experience and skills in working with HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator etc) to build interface elements like buttons, menus, tabs and widgets
  • your ability to make sensible decisions regarding UI design and to create and convey your ideas via mockups and storyboards (using tools like Balsamiq and Wireframe.cc etc)
  • a strong sense of user empathy and ability to understand user problems
  • an obsessive eye for visual detail and all the minute stuff like spacing, sizing, colour, grammar
  • that you are not phased which working outside of our comfort zone and learning new technologies

The typical (but not essential) profile for this role would be:

  • 1+ year of commercial experience in UI/UX (but if you have less don’t let this stop you from applying).

Send your github repo, portfolio of work, resume/CV etc to careers@vardogyir.com

*bonus points if you can give us one thing you like about our website UI and one thing you don’t like about it.